Organic Wineyard

Our commitment to « organic wine » production

In 2003 the Foltodon Winegrowing Estate decided to commit to organic wine production. By 2008 its vineyard was fully converted for compliance with French organic farming standards, obtaining full certification in 2011.


Making this commitment means producing quality grapes while eliminating the use of synthetic substances.


Protecting personal and employee health. Protecting the environment.


Protecting the land while ensuring the vineyard’s future. Meeting the expectations of customers seeking organic products.


Committing to a highly regulated and inspected procedure, and making it comprehensible to all.


So what has this meant for our Estate? It is meant a return to working the earth.


Finding the balance in both encouraging and challenging vine growth, especially through organic fertilization management.


Committing to prophylactic methods such as debudding.


Undertaking selective clearing, while keeping species like oaks and olive trees that do not compete with the vines.


It means phytosanitary treatment against insects with organic products, with specifications still permitting copper and sulphur.


Complete proscription of herbicides and synthetic substances: fungicides, insecticides and fertilizers.


And it also means following the lunar calendar through all steps of production.

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