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The Foltodon winegrowing estate lies in Saint-Côme et Maruejols on the Vaunage Plain, between Nîmes and Sommieres.


Basking in the sunshine of southern France throughout the year, it also enjoys afternoon sea breezes throughout the summer; its grapes reach maturity in late August.


The vines overlook the village, growing on low terraces of clayish-calcareous earth, protected under a thin?layer of flat stones - ideal for grapes to fully express what this land has to say.


The Foltodon Winegrowing Estate has been handed down father to son for three generations; it goes back to 1857, when the Crouzet family first began working the land here.


The estate’s terraces form a kind of amphitheatre, ranged on either side of the valley the Rhony cuts in the Garrigues plain.


Here, in 1997, Olivier undertook this vineyard’s rebirth, tempering tradition with modernity, remaining sensitive to Nature’s rhythms.


All told, seven hectares of slopes are devoted to Syrah and Mourvèdre grapes to produce reds, Syrah and Cinsault to grow rosés, and Grenache Blanc, Viognier and Sauvignon to obtain whites.


Seven hectares with a rich offering of grapes that are carefully selected for wines with elegant, fine structure and density.


This is a land which expresses an authenticity that Paul, the next generation, is already beginning to understand.

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